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Custom House Plans

If you cannot find the perfect house plan or garage plan, give us a call and get a quote on custom drawn plans from one of our design professionals.

Plan Modifications

Almost all of the plans on our site can be modified. In order to modify your house plans, or garage plans, you need to purchase the reproducible vellum or CAD file package, which gives you a letter of release to make changes to the plans.

If you have any questions please call us at (800) 794-7780

Staff Picked House Plan

Plan 376 has been chosen by our staff as their favorite house plan. We strongly suggest taking a look, go ahead, click the image it won't bite.

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House Plans Connection has set out to become one of the top competitors for house plans within the google search "house plans." House Plans Connection is also willing to work for your business, call us during business hours and have your call answered almost immediately by a real person with wait times generally less than 20 seconds. We have spread some discount codes around the internet as well to garner extra business. We are the sister site of the already popular only with a new outlook on life! Don't forget we also sell quality garage plans as well!

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